Gibraltar Strait

Premiere at the Theatre Upstairs, Royal Court, London. 1990
Cast: Jonathan Cullen, Ewan Hooper, Melee Hutton, Susan Brown, John Salthouse
Director (London): Simon Curtis
Director (Belfast) : Stephen Wright

Re-presented the same year by Tinderbox in Belfast, where it was nominated as Best New Play.

Revived in Belfast: rehearsed reading March 2018 and then a sold-out week's run at MAC October 2018

The play concerns the killing of three members of the IRA by the British Army in 1988. Based on the work of journalist Ian Jack and additional research by Hugh and members of the company.

"An outstanding example of the theatre's power to revitalise an event suspended between news and history"
Irving Wardle, Independent on Sunday, London May 1990

"Divisive in its opinions but unifying in its impact, Gibraltar Strait has endured and will continue to endure as an especially powerful exposé of how individual beliefs can shape the personal and public perception of historic events - and how valuable open-mindedness always is in fully grasping their truthful, humane undercurrents."
Simon Fallaha, Belfast October 2018


Co-written with Howard Brenton, Brain Clark, Trevor Griffiths, David Hare, Stephen Poliakoff and Snoo Wilson.

Premiered Edinburgh in 1971.
Re-staged in London, in Germany and published in the U.K.

"Its sustained view of exploitation … makes Layby a major event of this Festival or any festival."
Nicholas de Jongh, The Guardian


Rehearsed reading at the Richmond Theatre 2009.

Commissioned by Batway Productions, the script proposes a fast-moving staging to retain the exuberant satire of the original – Trollope's church politics seem closer to the parliamentary kind we witness daily with all the colliding egos and hidden agendas.

The Last Tape

Developed first draft script.

Max Wall has died and is up in front of the Seat of Judgement. He has only his theatre skills to save him - though perhaps Samuel Beckett, who arrived not long before, will put in a good word.