BLOG 2019

DEC 2018 / JAN 2019

Not much to talk about this time round...

Amongst the seasonal stuff in December - social gatherings and trips to see my children in the weeks leading up to Xmas - there was an important meeting. Tommaso Jandelli, producer of the MEMOIRS OF HADRIAN project, came over to see Charles Garrad and myself to talk over the latest draft, which has emerged from Charles' involvement in the project. He expressed himself happy, but my own feeling is that the script still isn't quite right, so I've been doing more work through January. It never ends!

And early in January, it was good to meet with Martin at the Cinema Museum; he has invited me to show TO THE LIGHTHOUSE there. I hope it will possible for it to be screened from a 16mm print. We agreed on May but keeping it flexible for now as to the date. Suzanne Bertish (who played the role of Lily Briscoe) is keen to join me for a Q&A, which is excellent, and we must try to fit round any commitments that might crop up for her as an actor.

A new project has been emerging for me this month as well. Only a possibility at this stage, brought to me by people who came to the screening of WE THINK THE WORLD OF YOU. It's just great that a film from way back can in this way seed a new piece of work. It justifies my determination to get my earlier work back into view.

In respect of work seen, I'd like to comment on COLETTE. It was enjoyable and all done with great style (and expense!) but I came away from the cinema with a curious feeling about it. Although Keira Knightley is on the screen for almost all of it it doesn't feel quite her film. Without necessarily resorting to voice over, there needs to be a way to let an audience inside the main character, to feel we are getting her point of view, her weltanschauung to use that nice German portmanteau word. Maybe it's to do with the direction or maybe it was caused by such a forceful presence in Willy, the character playing opposite her (Dominic West) but for me that didn't happen. We stay outside her, looking at her.