BLOG 2018


Interest in my work from way back has continued. Following the live screening of REMEMBRANCE in Plymouth, C4 also screened this film early in the month to celebrate Gary Oldman's award-winning success as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. I'm hopeful of at least another screening in Plymouth and possibly others.

Good to see Danny Leigh mention my other film with Gary (WE THINK THE WORLD OF YOU) in an important article for the Guardian He records how we have lost the class mobility that was such a valuable thing for actors of Gary's generation.

I would add that everything has become so rigid now, which makes the situation even more difficult. The universities are the gatekeepers, flogging their creative courses to those who can afford them. And there are so few openings otherwise. I was a middle-class type, but I was broke after university, and if I hadn't been able to move relatively easily out of one kind of field to another I couldn't have succeeded. None of the writers of my generation studied writing - there was nowhere to do that.

WAITING FOR YOU has been selected for several more festivals - most recently a third U.S. one and a debut festival screening in Canada.

My screenplay for MEMOIRS OF HADRIAN is now finished, at least as a revised first draft. This may be as far as my involvement will go.

Having now checked back to the beginning, I'm surprised to find that my first post on this blog was February 2011 - so almost seven years ago. I've decided to take a break! Not sure how long for but the struggle goes on (otherwise known as "the screenwriter's path to success") and hopefully there might be so many wonderful things come up in 2018 that I shall HAVE TO resume.